Karine RIAHI

Karine Riahi has founded SPRING LEGAL in October 2017.

She runs the activities of the Entertainment law and IT Department.

Following her postgraduate studies/degree of audiovisual communication at the Sorbonne law school (Paris I – Pantheon Sorbonne), Karine Riahi has been exercising this field of activity for more than 25 years, not only in her capacity as advisor but also in litigation.

Her experience in this specialized field has led her to assist in the financing of film and audiovisual productions, to negotiate and to draw up all the contracts of film and audiovisual productions (transfer of copyrights, coproduction, distribution …), to intervene in the creation of film and audiovisual production companies, to deal with issues of catalogue management, chain of titles, in all the sectors of the film and audiovisual productions, whatever the form of entertainment :  production of fictions, animations, documentaries, video games, transmedia and crossmedia, musical industry, live performances, website trading, merchandising, literary publishing, new media, internet, personal data, etc.

Karine Riahi thus works with both producers, distributors, editors, photographic agencies, copyright holders, managers of merchandising products, television editors, talents, authors and artists.

Karine Riahi has for almost fifteen years provided consulting services during various film festivals and film markets in France (Cannes International Film Festival, Amiens Film Festival, Nantes Festival of Three Continents), as well as abroad (Cape Town,  Johannesburg, and Ouagadougou during the Fespaco Festival).

Karine Riahi is also renowned for having expertly hosted sessions for young European producers at the EAVE European Organization in Turin and Prague, and provides every year two training sessions in audiovisual contracts law for the publisher DIXIT. She wrote a book devoted to royalties and audiovisual contracts, which has been published by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and “les contrats de la production audiovisuelle” published in 2013 (DIXIT publisher) .

She has been also mediator at the Mediation and Arbitration Center of Paris (CMAP). She is perfectly operational in case’s management requiring solutions on alternative dispute resolutions