Investment Criteria

Investment Policy

This Innovative film financing model offers a new approach that aims at optimizing investors returns. We lower budget & costs thanks to the European tax incentives and subsidies (cost decrease from 25% to 50%). We also optimise the revenues/budget ratio and return on investment. We aim at financing the last steps of the production process, in order to shorten the time between the investment and its payback (18 months).
Working with premium talent

As in any private equity fund, selecting the production team is essential. Our fund aims to work with independent professionals having proven their capabilities in leading projects to profitable success. We focus on filmmakers and actors based on their track records and their notoriety : they secure international revenues and also answer at the audience’s needs.

Adequate film budget

As for any company a key objective is to control costs and to improve traditional efficiency ratios. Financing Tier 2 budget movies with a sales potential and premium talent allows the fund to raise European subsidies into the film financing and to halve production costs

Optimal revenues

Financial and commercial criteria are dominant. The fund analyses the projects considering their commercial potential on the International market. On the main European territories (France, Germany, UK, Benelux) we will anticipate each segment of exploitation (cinema box-office, TV, DVD/VOD) in order to advance the local promotional costs and recoup the investments in first position on tickets sold, DVD/VOD revenues and TV sales.

Investment Criteria

Film development

Experience of team (actors, filmmakers, scriptwriters); originality, marketability and quality of the script.

Script evaluation, casting approval, budget evaluation (feasibility)

Film production

Budget level, financing structure and estimation of the international sales revenues (based on the film genre, cast, budget, similar films…).

Cost control, marketing supervision and film quality.

Traditional film financing models oblige producers to sell all their rights. As a result, the film (as an asset) is indebted and this makes it impossible for investors to recoup their investment. By investing directly in the project from the very beginning, our fund optimizes profitability for all the investors… and each investment will be recouped in first position at each revenue phase.