Producers Corner


Thanks to an experienced team sharing the same vision, the funds turns into a unique film group creating synergies and a proactive international network. Equity investment in films are today hardly profitable but financing actors, directors and producers companies allows to

  • Have a higher risk-diversification
  • Optimize control over each movie lifecycle (development, production, international distribution, domestic exhibition) and maximise profits
  • Ensure transparency in the financial accounting processes
  • Create a valuable rights' portfolio
  • Automatic liquidity of 2 to 5 years for a movie

Key selection points

  • International films
  • Global audience
  • Films with established directors and actors
  • Films budget between 2 to 10 millions euros
  • ROI per investment expected more than 20%

Classic financing model

  • Bank loan / gap financing: 20%
  • International distributor 30%
  • Investors 35%
  • Producer's investment 5%
  • Subsidies 10%

MEDIAFINANCE's financing model

  • Investors (MEDIAFINANCE) 20%
  • Co-investors 15%
  • Presales 20%
  • Producer's investment 10%
  • Subsidies 35%

MEDIAFINANCE's financing

  • Upstream investment in order to structure the film financing
  • Amount invested answers the industry needs and gives advantages to each player that have the same interest
  • MEDIAFINANCE recoup in first position and gives the best access in the waterfall revenues for its investors. We also gets copyrights
  • The film is less indebted (less presales, no gap financing), and European subsidies are maximized : the breakeven is much lower
  • Having access to a profitable and specific asset class
  • Retaining rights to the film
  • Increasing revenues
  • Access to a share of executive producer revenues