MEDIAFINANCE is a non-regulated investment fund dedicated to international film and television with high commercial potential

  • MEDIAFINANCE invests in films at each stage of their lifecycle : development, production
  • This approach ensures adequate risk diversification. For shorter payback periods
  • MEDIAFINANCE is focused on gap financing when producers need 10-20% of their budget to launch the production
  • MEDIAFINANCE investment policy aims at being the first to get its money back on first incomes and then shares revenues with other co investors on the program

The film and TV programs industries are facing many changes with a growing demand for contents

  • In terms of broadcast support (Cinema, TV, Sat, Internet, …)
  • In terms of device (Smart Phones, Tablet, Computers, …)
  • In terms of audience in Cinema

MEDIAFINANCE will anticipate the upcoming reforms, especially when TV and Internet will soon merge

  • Less investment from TV and a greater equity needs from the industry
  • Digital platforms (SVOD, iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Video)
  • Cinema Admissions decreasing and “home cinema” expanding




  • Offer an uncorrelated and diversified class of assets
  • Propose an attractive risk & return investment
  • Selection of low risk projects (multi country diffusion, recognised casting, reliable partners)
  • French fund managers with experience in the cinema and finance industries
  • Recognized, solid and reliable partner producers and third party providers


  • Inject a new dynamic into the film industry by developing new private financing models
  • Create synergies between the cinema and finance industries in order to increase the transparency on the market and ensure a fair sharing of proceeds
  • Support international films not only via gap financing but also as from the development and financing plan phase, acting as co-executive producer

Fund Target size

Maximum of € 55 million


5 years

Management Fees

3% per annum

Performance fees


Expected ROI