Julien Brunet joined SPRING LEGAL in October 2017.

He is practicing with Karine Riahi within the Entertainment law and IT Department.

Before his graduation in 2016 of a Master of Laws (LL.M), Entertainment, Media & Intellectual Property Law Specialization at UCLA school of Law, Julien has been working in France for three years as a lawyer specializing in Entertainment Law.

This experience allowed him to gain a strong experience in Intellectual Property Law particularly in the field of Copyright Law, Trademark Law and Media Law (Film Financing). At De Gaulle Fleurance & Associes in Paris, Julien gave production companies advice about intellectual property and the financing of motion pictures and he followed up on various copyright disputes.

During the fall semester at UCLA School of Law, Julien also did an internship at CBS within the Business and Legal Affairs division which offered him a chance to learn from the inside the specific legal and business affairs issues in the television market and all of the industry agreements, including free television output license agreements and SVOD agreements.

His experience in this specialized field has led him to assist in the financing of film and audiovisual productions, to negotiate and to draw up all the contracts of film and audiovisual productions (transfer of copyrights, coproduction, distribution …), to intervene in the creation of film and audiovisual production companies, to deal with issues of catalogue management, chain of titles, in all the sectors of the film and audiovisual productions, whatever the form of entertainment:  production of fictions, animations, documentaries, video games, transmedia and crossmedia, musical industry etc.

Julien Brunet thus works with producers, distributors, editors, photographic agencies, copyright holders, managers of merchandising products, television editors, talents, authors and artists.

In 2017, Julien also performed a Post-Completion Optional Practical Training (OPT) at Orange Silicon Valley in San Francisco on data privacy law and the immersive technologies (VR/AR).

Julien is actively involved in the writing of articles for the Review Juris Art Etc. (Dalloz) since 2012, which covers all of the fields of Intellectual Property Law.